Our Vision: To be a Safe Haven offering unique early learning opportunities to those aged 0-12.

Our Mission: To offer an enriching multicultural curriculum incorporating all 8 learning styles.

Our Motto: Plant them in a garden fertile and see them rise up like myrtle.

Dear Parents,

We are very pleased that you have selected Safe Haven Early Learning Childcare for your child’s childcare/preschool experience. It is our goal to provide high quality programs that promote the growth and development of your child. We are a Christian Based family childcare that is operated by educated and qualified staff in Early Childhood. Our facility is licensed by the State of Maryland and approved by the Local Health Department.

Safe Haven Early Learning Childcare is designed for children 3 weeks – 12 years old. We offer developmental and educational activities, from a multicultural and creative arts perspective, specified for your child’s age and individual needs. Our commitment is to provide you and your child with the best care and

education. In addition to this handbook which acquaints you with our policies and procedures, we are licensed by the state of Maryland to abide by state rules and regulations.

As a parent you will put great consideration in choosing the right childcare and early learning education into your child. We know that good experiences in early learning help children build a strong foundation for becoming life-long confident learners.

This handbook has been developed to help facilitate the relationship between teachers and parents by providing you with specific information about our Childcare. Our professional staff will be happy to work with you in meeting any specific needs or addressing any concerns regarding your child’s care. We hope that this handbook will help in the communication process by explaining our policies, guidelines and procedures. It is written with the best interests of your child in mind, in addition to maintaining the integrity and quality of our program.

Our Inclusion Policy: Incapacity does not alternate the needs of the creating child. Children of all capabilities will be exposed to a large variety of studying opportunities and experiences in a place where they can examine through play as well as engage with peers. We are inclusive of children with disabilities and children with special health care needs. Each child deserves equal access to a high-quality childcare program. I will make individualized adjustments to the curriculum to make sure all young people are afforded the possibility to take part in activities. We are an equal opportunity facility we will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin or sexual orientation.

Meet your Provider Osita Osagbue

Osita Osagbue
Osita Osagbue - Maryland EXCELS Participant

Many life experiences have culminated into the establishment of Safe Haven Early Learning Childcare also referred as SHELC or Safe Haven ELC. As a youth I lived overseas in the French Speaking county of Niger and lived one semester abroad in France while in college. These experiences wet my palette for international and multicultural diversity experienced through language, food, customs, and other aspects of culture.

As an adult I volunteered as a teacher for Sunday School and Children’s Church. This exposed me to the development and implementation of curriculums, lesson plans, learning how to keep children engaged, and dealing with a variety of personalities. Later in adulthood I became a foster parent to a daughter and granddaughter through a non-profit organization’s Mother/Baby Program. As one who loves creative arts, this passion outpoured to youth via after school mentoring that included open mike sessions. Finally, as a business owner, I have provided career counseling and leadership coaching to those of all ages. This full culmination of experiences is what has now manifested into the launching of Safe Haven Early Learning Childcare.