Tuition Payments

  • Payment must be received prior to the first day your child attends. Thereafter, tuition is due on Fridays in advance of receiving care. When withdrawing your child from SHELC, a written two-week notice is required. If no notice is given, you will be required to pay tuition for the additional two
  • Tuition is based on enrollment NOT attendance. Full payment is required even if the child is not in attendance, regardless of absences or closings.
  • No credit will be given for illness, vacation, Childcare closing due to an emergency situation, or inclement SHELC reserves the right to close the Childcare for weather or safety-related reasons.
  • All tuition is paid through automatic bank deposits to PNC, Credit Cards, PayPal (3% fee addition) or Cash
  • Non-payment of tuition is grounds for immediate dismissal from childcare.

Full-Time Weekly Fees:

Full-time is defined as having access to our services on all days that we are open, Monday thru Friday from 6:00AM – 6:00PM.

Child's Age Weekly Rate
0 - 24 Months $300 / week
24 Months - 36 Months $275 / week
36 Months - 5 Years $250 / week
School Age Full day
Piano Lessons
$200 / Week
School Age Full day
without piano lessons
$175 / Week
Before & After School
piano lessons
$175 / Week
Before & After School
Without piano lessons
$150 / Week

Annual Rate Change

Rates are subject to change annually


We require a two-week written notice to be given in the event that a family ends enrollment at the Childcare.  Payment of tuition for these two weeks is required even if a family leaves prior to the end of the two- week period. We reserve the right to dis-enroll any family for any reason deemed necessary, including non-payment of tuition or other fees, disruptive or dangerous behavior, or the inappropriate or disruptive behavior of a parent/guardian that interferes with the operation of the Childcare.