All children participate in the Preschool Program. Activities include:

  • Childcare Based Curriculum
  • T.E.A.M Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineer, Art, Math)
  • Sensory
  • Music & Movement/Creative Arts
  • Social and Emotional Activities
  • Reading
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • French Emersion
  • Piano Lesson
  • PROTIK FLOW Program for school aged children

Special Services Offered

French Immersion

Why: Studies show that language immersion is best at early age. (Nearly ¼ of the world speaks French as one of its official languages.) How: To be included as part of daily curriculum with hands on training. Inspiration: Bilingual speaker since age 13.

Organic Cooking

Why:  Studies have shown the rate of childhood obesity and related diseases is increasing.  How: Incorporating multicultural curriculum to offer fun and healthy meals. Inspiration: For weight loss purposes, I had to completely change my diet. This inspired me to create new recipes for daily meals. 


Will be offered via implementation of PROETIK FLOW Curriculum. Positive Reinforcement oEach Treasure-Trove iKnowledge. For older children, basic career and entrepreneurial counseling may be offered. Why: Studies children engaged in mentoring are less likely to make poor life decisions in the future.  How/Method: Detox – Discuss, Evaluate, Think-Through, Outlook, Exert Inspiration: To inspire youth to create sustainable communities in adulthood.

Piano lessons

Why: Each youth learns differently, and some require hands on activities. How: Instructor to offer lessons ($25 to be added onto weekly price). Inspiration: Author of over 60 songs which have helped to encourage me during difficult times.


Why: Some children need additional help beyond the classroom How: Tutoring will be offered to accommodate the child’s learning style Inspiration: Especially skilled with creative writing and have an in-depth love of learning. Learning is very exciting to me and I would like to pass this on to the children enrolled at SHELC.

Creative Therapy

Diagnostic testing of inherent personality traits can be offered for a one-time cost to parents and/or caretakers and children. Understanding of different personalities can improve communication within families.

Group Outings

Offered as part of SHELC curriculum to incorporate all learning styles. Visits will enhance children’s knowledge of historical DMV sites and enrich skills learned in classroom. Fees may be applied.